A project for the future.


Hook’d on a Bite has set out to communicate the incredible products and experiences the country has to offer through fairly priced marketing services and international expertise. We want to give a voice to small producers with a sustainable heart.


  • We are committed to sustainability in every sense of the word, from sustainable economic growth to eco-friendly work ethics. We are proud to be an almost 100% paper free company.

  • We are client-focused and strive to provide the best services for our clients that not only satisfies their current needs, but prepares them for the future and lets their business thrive.


Why Italy? Because it holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a country full of passion, history and skill, with a glorious balance between man and nature. Sustainability is a crucial part of traditional agriculture, and that is the message we want to spread. By choosing our clients carefully, we hope to valorize and advertise the products and experiences that deserve it, therefore spreading their sustainable message.

  • We are passionate. Our team is passionate about Italy and its core cultural values that we believe contribute to a sustainable world, and we work every day to spread awareness about them.

  • We care about our food system and its traceability: we ensure that our clients, partners and collaborators' businesses are humane both to the animals they raise (when applicable) and the environment, and the culture and traditions of their region.

Who’s behind it all?

Lindsey Hook

Lindsey Hook

Our founder followed her roots to Italy in 2014 to study in Florence. Though she planned to stay for six months, it only took one month to convince her to stay for awhile. 

She continued her Bachelors of Science in Rome followed by a Masters in Italian Food and Wine Business. She has spent five years in Italy traveling and hunting down the most unique food and experiences that the country has to offer.

She lives in Rome and runs Hook’d on a Bite with her small team of Italy-lovers who share her passion for this beautiful country!