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Conquer your target market.

Great communication is key to reach your customers. We can help you create the best social media content and strategies to make your products and services shine.

Cross Cultural Consulting
Understand your new markets.

Whether you’re an American company doing business in Italy or an Italian company that wants to expand abroad, we can help you understand and navigate through your new market.

Show em’ what it’s all about.

Relaunching your company or looking to expand your reach? That’s what marketing is all about. We can help you make sure your objectives are set and your strategy is straight.


Here’s the Story:

Italy has thousands of incredible local and authentic products to offer, but they’re not always communicated well. (Hence the success of ‘Parmesan‘ cheese in the U.S.A.) Hook’d on a Bite’s founder, Lindsey, was inspired to create the company for this reason: to help small-medium Italian food and wine companies make their products or services shine both nationally and internationally.